I wrote a thing during work today, and I like it so much, I want to post it here, with all my glasses and my shoes, so I have them.

What neither one of us knew was that, once I found that validation and worthiness within myself, I didn’t need it from any external source. And there’s a lesson there that I’m going to billboard: the external validation we crave from others is never as satisfying or lasting as the internal validation we give ourselves.

This project hasn’t been announced, and won’t be for awhile. I’m working my face off on it right now, and have been for most of a year, between acting and voice acting jobs. If I can stay on schedule, it will be out early next year in print and audio and maybe some kind of media that hasn’t been invented, but will be invented between now and then.


Playing Cops for Real, Playing Cops for Pay

About a month or so ago (is time extra wibbly wobbly for anyone else? Months and weeks collapse into a few hours and some days seem to last weeks?) Darin from Punk Rock Karaoke saw that I am an old school punk, and he offered me an opportunity to join him and his band to sing a song of my choice.


I am not musical at all. Like, I love music, and I sing along all the time, but I’m not a singer or a musician, so I was like OMG YES and then that voice in my head I try so hard not to listen to was all THEY’RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU! But I was all shut up, voice. It’s punk! I can totally fake it.


So I did. It was the single scariest thing I’ve ever done, creatively, in my life. I can not even begin to tell you how far out of my comfort zone this took me, and how happy I am with the result. It was so much fun, and I can’t wait until I can do it live with the band.


Here I am, singing the Dead Kennedys classic, Police Truck, with Punk Rock Karaoke: